IRLP and the Interstate Repeater Society's Repeaters

Status and info page

Yes folks, we have installed and configured IRLP on the IRS 2 Meter system repeater.
Our assigned node number is 4561.

The link between IRLP and the IRS repeater is full time 24 hours a day 7 days a
week, and if I did the programming correctly during all modes of operation, day
time, drive time, nets, etc. Control ops have the ability to disable the IRLP

If you have never used IRLP, simply identify yourself, announce that you are
connecting to IRLP node #### and tone it in.

When you break the link, announce that you re breaking the link, and tone in 73..

If you have never used IRLP, the IRLP web site has some good information and the
list of nodes that you may want to try to connect to. Visit: and make sure you
visit "IRLP Guidelines" and "Node Info" on the left side of the page.

Also, Unlike the Derry  449.625 which was declared for  "members of the club
who are in good standing" only, the 2 meter system is open to the public.
Please visit for more information.

While we can't control who connects to our system from IRLP, if you do notice
bad behavior, try to note the time and the node number of the connecting node.
The we can look in the logs, see where it came from, and block that node from
connecting to us, essentially a blacklisting.

No, we do not have ECHO-link installed at this time - and because of technical
reasons, we can not at this time.

We do know about the "ERROR 202" that you sometimes get from the controller and are working to rectify it.

If you have any questions on "IRLP on IRS" please send mail to

7 3

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