Interstate Repeater Society
PO Box 693
Derry, NH 03038
Update 12/4/2015

Membership Committee Correspondence

Dear Fellow Amateur

As the Membership Committee Chairman I would like to welcome you to the
Interstate Repeater Society Website. Your visit here indicates that you have
an interest in our organization in some way and I would like to take the
opportunity to share a few thoughts with you.

The Interstate Repeater Society has been providing amateur radio enthusiasts
with premier VHF and UHF repeater capabilities for nearly four decades and
it is our intent to continue to do so.

Over the years the IRS has like any organization had its "up and down" periods.
At our height we had a period where we had a membership well in excess of two
hundred members. That is not the case today. In part, membership has dropped off
dramatically for a number of factors including but not limited to the downturn
of the economy, the raise in interest in digital and other modes, and general
empathy. These and other factors have caused the IRS club to severely cut back
on services, club meeting schedules, and other special events.

In the past we met on a regular monthy basis, scheduled an annual election
meeting, and scheduled such activities as an annual picnic in Newcastle,
Field Day at Pinkerton Academy, a MS MT. Washington annual cruise night,
a Christmas party, semi annual flea market and other activities. All of
these activities have gone "by the boards" due mainly in part to the reduction
in membership.

It is my hope that we can again stimulate more users and ex-members to consider
joining or re-joining the club and in attending meetings.

The health and welfare of any organization can only be measured from two points,
the number of and the participation of the membership.

If you are already a member, then the officers and I thank you for that support
and strongly urge you to consider adding to your support by attending club meetings
and activities. If you are a regular user of the club repeaters and are not currently
a member then I would urge you to consider joining and supporting the club.

I am optimistic that with a substantial growth in membership we can again offer a return
to some degree of our former activity level. The two go hand in hand.

In closing let me state this:

This is your club. Without your financial support and personal participation the result
can only be a further reduction in service to you and to the amateur radio community
as a whole. Our current officers have done an excellent job of managing our very limited
resources in order to keep the repeaters operational. This cannot continue indefinately
so it is imperative that we increase our membership and/or donations to keep the
repeaters on the air. Your help in any way will be much appreciated and go a long way
towards assuring that the IRS' service to our fellow amateurs and the communities
we serve will be there for many years to come.


73 and we hope to see you at the next meeting.

Date of the next meeting is October 14, 2014 at 7:00 PM
Room 2 of the Merrian-Gerrish Community Center, West Broadway Derry, NH.
Please make every effort possible to attend as this is a very important meeting.

Don MacCord; KB1XI
Membership Chairman
Interstate Repeater Society